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Committess & Interest Groups
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The Home Care Alliance has a number of committees that advise the Board of Directors, develop member services, and manage the running of the organization.  Each committee is either chaired by a member of the Board of Directors or includes a Board member as a liaison.  Each committee and networking group also has a designated staff liaison.  Committee chairs are appointed by the President (unless designated by the bylaws).  Committee members are selected by the Chairs to achieve broad member representation.  All members are encouraged to apply for committee membership!

Executive Committee (also Ethics Committee)  --  The Executive Committee consists of the five officers and is chaired by the President.  The President may appoint one additional Director to the Executive Committee.  During the intervals between Board meetings, The Executive Committee possesses all the powers of the Board of Directors.  (Open to Board members only.)

Nominating Committee  --  The Nominating Committee consists of five members:  the Immediate Past President (who chairs the committee) and four members appointed by the President.  The Nominating Committee develops the slate of candidates for the annual election of Officers and the Board of Directors.  Meets annually.

Finance Committee (also Audit Committee)  --  The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer as chair and at least three members appointed by the Board of Directors.  The Finance Committee is responsible, but not personally liable, for the investment and management of all funds of the Alliance.  It prepares the annual budget and reviews the financial status of the Corporation.  Meets bi-monthly.

Bylaws Committee  --  Chaired by the Secretary, the Bylaw Committee consists of not less than three members appointed by the Board of Directors.  The committee recommends changes to the bylaws.  Meets as needed.

Membership Committee  --  The Membership Committee advises the Board and staff on programs and services to benefit the Alliance member agencies, participates in member recruitment and retention activities, and selects winners of the annual Innovations and Star Awards.  Meets 2 – 3 times per year.

Legislative/Public Affairs Committee  --  The Committee develops the Alliance’s legislative policy agenda, participates in – and encourages member participation in – legislative advocacy, and advises the Board.  Meets monthly during legislative sessions.

Private Care Advisory Committee  --  Co-chaired by the Private Care Agency representatives on the Board, the Private Care Advisory Committee develops programs and services for private care members, advises the Board on policy issues related to private care, and maintains the Alliance’s Accreditation program.  Meets quarterly.

Clinical Affairs Committee  --  The Committee develops programs and services to enhance member agencies’ ability to provide high quality services in compliance with regulatory requirements.  The committee advises the Board on clinical issues.  Meets quarterly.

NEW leadership opportunity!  Foundation for Home Care Board of Directors  --  The Foundation Board of Directors consists of three to fifteen directors, appointed by the Board of the Home Care Alliance of MA.  The Board directs the affairs of the Foundation to serve the educational and research needs of the membership.  Meets 2 -3 times per year.

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