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How Do I Pay For Home Care?

Finding the right home care provider is a difficult decision for anyone.  What kind of care is available?  How do I pay for it? Who can I trust? What is home care, anyway? To help consumers and families make the decisions that work best for them.  Click here to download a printer-friendly PDF of the center.

How Do I Pay For Home Care?
How Do I Pay For Home Care?
What Services Are Availabe?
How Are Agencies Certified/Accredited?
How Do I Choose An Agency?

How Do I Pay For Home Care?

Paying Privately – i.e., out-of-pocket – is a simple, affordable, and flexible option used by thousands of Bay Staters. More than 100 agencies in Massachusetts provide private care services.

Commercial health insurance policies typically cover some home care services when a person is recovering from surgery or illness, generally with a cost-sharing provision. Call your insurer’s customer service department to get details on requirements, benefits, co-payments, and deductibles.

Long-term care insurance policies almost always cover home care as an alternative to nursing homes. Check your policy, since the benefits under these policies vary greatly and are usually capped at a certain dollar level per day, week, or month.

Medicare covers home care for older clients who 1) cannot leave home without assistance, 2) are under a physician’s care, and 3) require skilled nursing/therapy. Medicaid (Masshealth) operates under similar requirements for low-income clients.

The Massachusetts Home Care Program provides state-funded, non-medical services to elderly and disabled individuals who meet financial guidelines. Call (800) AGE-INFO for more information.

The Veterans Administration (VA) pays for home care services for veterans who are at least 50% disabled due to a service-related condition. A physician must authorize these services, which must be delivered through the VA's network; it only covers medical services.

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