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How Is Quality Measured?

Finding the right home care provider is a difficult decision for anyone.  What kind of care is available?  How do I pay for it? Who can I trust? What is home care, anyway? To help consumers and families make the decisions that work best for them.  Click here to download a printer-friendly PDF of the center.

How Do I Pay For Home Care?
How Do I Pay For Home Care?
What Services Are Availabe?
How Are Agencies Certified/Accredited?
How Do I Choose An Agency?

How Is Quality Measured?

Unlike most states, Massachusetts does not offer a specific license for private pay home care.  In order to help fill the gap, the Alliance created a Home Care Agency Accreditation Program in July 2010.

Our accreditation standards are very similar to those required for licensure in other states.  They include: client rights, privacy, and complaint procedures; protections against abuse; fair employment practices; caregiver criminal background screening; competency, training and supervision; insurance coverage; and compliance with all applicable federal, state & local laws.

To become Accredited, agencies must present documentation to the Alliance; these documents are then carefully reviewed by Alliance staff for proof of compliance. Accreditation is only awarded to agencies that meet or exceed all fifteen standards.

At the Federal level, Medicare Certification is an intensive process of review by the Centers for Medicare Services, a division of the Department of Housing & Human Services; only agencies with this certification can get reimbursed for Medicare and/or Medicaid-covered care.

Though Medicare Certification & Agency Accreditation are the simplest indicators of an agency’s competence, they are not the only ones: many other repuatable organizations offer accreditation and/or certification programs, and many agencies without any form of accreditation or certification provide excellent, safe service.

What Are My Options?
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