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Caregiver FAQ

What Questions Should I Ask An Agency?

When selecting a home care provider, ask questions; any reputable agency will give you clear answers. Doctors and hospital social workers can also be good sources of information, but the choice is up to you.

When you call an agency, "interview" them with the following questions:

  • Does the agency have literature describing its services, fees, and billing? If so, will they send you copies?
  • Does the agency work with the client to develop a written plan of care or service contract? If so, how often is this plan updated?
  • Does the agency directly employ its workers or are they independent contractors? (They should be directly employed.)
  • Does the agency pay workers’ compensation insurance and payroll taxes for its workers?
  • Does the agency provide a written list of client & family rights?
  • How does the agency screen and evaluate their employees?
  • Are caregivers, supervisors, and backup available 24/7/365?
  • How does the agency investigate complaints and/or resolve conflicts between its staff and clients?
  • Can the agency document that it carries professional & general liability insurance?
  • Will the agency provide a list of local references?