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Regulatory Center: CoPs Resrcs (Pub. Version)
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The Alliance's staff closely monitors the latest news and announcements concerning Conditions of Participation (CoPs) standards.

Conditions of Participation: Guide to Compliance

The Home Care Alliance of MA put together a COP Task Force consisting of an expert team of home health professionals. This task force developed guidelines to assist Home Health Agencies with the understanding on the new standards in order to stay in compliance. The interpretive guidelines (IG) have not yet been published by CMS; these guidelines are the interpretation of this task force. Once the IG's are released, it is the responsibility of the Home Health Agency to review those guidelines to insure compliance.

The full CoP page and manual is available only to members. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts, visit the join page.

Colleen Bayard, regulatory affairs manager, recorded a presentation in March 2018 that introduces the new CoP regulations. It is available for free to members.

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Subpart A—General Provisions

  • 484.1 Basis and scope.
  • 484.2 Definitions.

Subpart B—Patient Care

  • 484.40 Condition of participation: Release of patient identifiable outcome and assessment information set (OASIS) information.
  • 484.45 Condition of participation: Reporting OASIS information.
  • 484.50 Condition of participation: Patient rights.
  • 484.55 Condition of participation: Comprehensive assessment of patients.
  • 484.60 Condition of participation: Care planning, coordination of services, and quality of care.
  • 484.65 Condition of participation: Quality assessment and performance improvement (QAPI).
  • 484.70 Condition of participation: Infection prevention and control.
  • 484.75 Condition of participation: Skilled professional services.
  • 484.80 Condition of participation: Home health aide services.

Subpart C—Organizational Environment

  • 484.100 Condition of participation: Compliance with Federal, State, and local laws and regulations related to health and safety of patients.
  • 484.102 Condition of participation: Emergency preparedness
  • 484.105 Condition of participation: Organization and administration of services.
  • 484.110 Condition of participation: Clinical records.
  • 484.115 Condition of participation: Personnel qualifications 

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QAPI Resources

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